Floral design for weddings includes an initial brainstorm consultation where together we create a design, assess your needs and build a custom invoice based on the elements that are most important to the client to achieve a tasteful, timeless and unique celebration via the art of floral design. A floral wedding package will also include vessels and all rental materials, travel, delivery and/or breakdown.

Packages start at $3,000.


 Whether for an event or editorial project, a design package can be utilized to spearhead and execute the messages and emotions that you are wishing to convey. Together, we will target the desired messages, and compile inspiration from the environment, textures, objects, etc. A design package will also include sourcing the desired materials to achieve the purposes of the event or project. Once sourced, a packet will be presented to aid in an effortless completion of the event or project.

  Packages start at $300. This is based off of an initial consultation, 3 hours of research and development, and a finalizing meeting.


Styling packages are designed to aid in capturing moments, emotions and objects in a way that is effortless, lovely and timeless. Packages include assistance to photographer and/or designer in positioning and capturing moments to evoke desired story and images. This may also include additional elements, such as minor props, to enhance images.

Price available upon specific request.


Sessions are an enjoyable and educational means to practice or learn a design skill and are a wonderful option for a beginning designer to a unique and fun activity for a shower. Whether it be making a flower crown or constructing a centerpiece for your holiday table, it’s an opportunity to takeaway tricks and skills that you can continue to utilize for years to come. Our time together will encompass an observation time to see how the design is composed step by step, and the remaining time will allow you to compose your design. All sessions include the necessary work materials and flowers.

 Pricing for sessions specific upon request.